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Not Sure What to Wear? I Am Here to Help! 


Think of layers, textures, patterns and accessories when you are gathering items for your family session. Everyone should dress to match their style while compromising with the color scheme. 


Form fitting dresses or loose dresses that can be held in place work great for mama to be. I also have a few dresses and fabric pieces that can be used for the session.  Follow the family guidelines to pull it all together after you, mama, have chosen your outfit. 


Young children sometimes have a style of their own that can be an inspiration for outfit combinations. Ask your child to go get dressed to have their picture taken and see what they come up with (obviously this could turn into no help but you might be surprised by them and find the a style that might work perfectly for your session.)


Newborn session take place in my studio. I like to set the studio heat to a whopping 85 degrees so baby can reach a coma-like sleep. Neutral colors are best for the family so the baby can be the focal point of the shoot.   

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