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Surprise! A New Life is on the Way!

Tate, Sierra and Kylan (Ky) are adding a new family member in just a couple of weeks. Congratulations to you all! This baby's gender is a surprise which makes it so so exciting.

Sierra says she loves being pregnant. It is important to her to have a positive mindset about this special experience. She says "being a mother is the best thing in the world to me. My little Monster, aka Ky, is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me." Before Sierra became a mother she always felt like that's what she was meant to do. She loves just watching Ky explore, grow and and adores to watch the excited look on his face when he discovers new things. Sierra say's "I'm excited and nervous for the new baby, but I can't wait for him/her to be here!" Ky is a pretty big momma's boy and she doesn't want him to feel abandoned. Ky is such a loving little boy so Sierra knows and feels in her heart that everything will turn out great.

I, myself, am excited for this arrival! Stay tuned for the reveal and sweet cuddly newborn pictures!

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